Total Food Protection

"Total Food Production" is the integration of both food safety and food defense. These concepts can be used on a farm, in a food production facility, and at a restaurant.

Food Safety

The food industry depends on technology to rapidly detect and identify pathogens that cause foodborne illness. While technology produces many benefits, it also brings its own set of problems.

Many biological contaminants and their dangerous mutations are the result of the industrialization of the food production process. This includes more resistant strains of pathogens that have been confounding public health professionals for decades.

Food Defense

Prior to 9/11, the main focus of public health professionals working in food protection was to monitor the flow of food as it traveled through a facility. However, once intentional contamination of food became a credible threat, the focus changed to food defense and the prevention of terrorism through food.

Mitigation Strategies

Mitigation strategies are food defense plans that can limit the potential for intentional contamination of food, unlawful entry of criminals into food facilities or on to farms, and theft.

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